Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~ Angel Wings Cushion ~

Today I am sharing another one
of my handmade Christmas gifts....

My mother-in-law loves angels
and has a huge picture of an angel
above her bed so I thought a set angel wings
on a cushion would look lovely in her room.......

I drafted an angel wing shape
on some butchers paper and adjusted it
until I was satisfied with the shape...
I just did one wing and put the pattern on a
folded piece of fabric (right sides together).
Before I cut the wings out I
 ironed on some visafix.
I then ironed the wings to my cusion fabric
 and stitched around the outline.

From my stash I pulled out a vintage
doily and a crocheted flower
(I am lucky to have an excellent
 supply from my mum!)

I sewed on the doily and flower
with the machine, so the cushion
is easily washable, and made
up a very simple pillow slip
style cushion cover.

I am so delighted with the result
that I think I might have to make
one for myself now because,
as you can see, it actually looks
quite good on my bed!!!

We are celebrating Australia Day
here in Australia, so despite all the
rain we are still hoping to have a BBQ!

Keep dry and safe fellow Gold Coasters
and have a great day!!!!