Mrs Tiff creatively

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

~ Celebrating the New Year in Paradise! ~

Chapung Villa's 
Ubud ~ Bali

~ * ~ 

We wandered out of our Villa door....

 through the lush tropical gardens....

~ * ~

 ~ * ~

 ~ * ~

 past the lobby....

 ~ * ~

through the rice paddies,
down to the restaurant 
which overlooks the magnificent
valley and tropical rain forest....

the stairs were decorated with 
scented blossoms...

~ * ~

 into the restaurant.....

where we continued to
listening to the delightful sounds 
of the Balinese musicians
who were perched on a rock 
near the gorgeous lotus garden!

we were treated to a cocktail....

~ * ~

the children couldn't resist
blowing their dragon party horns
to get the party started!!!!

 ~ * ~

 We could see fireworks 
exploding all through the valley
from the deck all evening!

After cocktails
we enjoyed a Balinese feast....

 along with beautiful Balinese dancers....

 and black rice pudding for dessert
(sooooo delicious!)

 we had the most fantastic evening.....

 completed with our own
personal fireworks at midnight!

We certainly saw 2011
in with a BANG!!!!

We had the most 
memorable New Years Eve!!

A huge thanks to all the gorgeous staff 
at Chapung de Bali for a magical evening!