Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~ Doggie Delights! ~

I know that you all understand
when I say that our dogs are highly
 valued members of our family!

So you will totally get that they
needed very special Christmas treats...

So I baked a batch of chicken
flavoured doggie cookies,
(I got the recipe from a doggie treats app
in itunes and downloaded it to my ipad...
it is basically a shortcrust biscuit
 with chicken stock powder)
topped with a drizzel of strawberry yoghurt,
which is just those dog treats melted.

Luckily I had a reliable taste tester on hand....

Chelsea eagerly took one to try
to check if they would be OK
for her cousins.....

then she lay on the mat with it a bit....
before she eventually ate it!

With the paws up from her
I printed some pictures from
Google images and stuck them
on some cello bags.....

I packed the cookies in the bags and
tied them with bakers twine
ready to put under the Christmas tree!

For a little extra treat I decided to
make some lavender doggie bed fresheners...

I drafted a dog shaped pattern...

and cut it out, along with 
four ears per dog too.
I sewed the right sides of the ears together
leaving a gap in the top
and turned the ears right side out.

I pinned the ears in place on the
right side of the fabric and sewed
around the outline leaving
a gap in their tummy.

I turned the dog out the
correct way and filled it with
lavender and stuffing.

I hand sewed the opening closed
and tied a pretty ribbon around their necks.

I also made some bone shaped
lavender bed fresheners too!

So even the dogs had handmade gifts
this Christmas in our family!

Hope you all have a great week,
I am back at school and working
very hard to get ready for my new class!