Mrs Tiff creatively

Saturday, January 14, 2012

~ Fabulous Finds in Ubud ~

Ubud is the place
in Bali where you
will find the best art &
craft on the whole island!

To my absolute delight I
found the most beautuful
fabric and crocheted items....

My favourite was
the fabric animals on display
that peered through the shop windows....

the ceramics were lovely too.

I have a soft spot for wicker,
but didn't try to bring any back.....

fresh, bright and very amazing
art was on display in everywhere....

and I loved the quirky littte
things that you would see
in shop window displays!

How cute is this little elephant purse!

I was impressed by the huge
range of crochet, the ladies in the market stores
crochet away furiously in between sales!

But what did we bring home?

You may be surprised that
it was not much really....

we bought some fabric animals
that stole our hearts for gifts....

and I couldn't resist some small
hand blown recycled glass vases....

which are still looking for the perfect
position at home to show themselves off!

So although the purchases were minimal,
the memories and inspirations were extensive!!!

I have been casting my mind
back to beautiful Bali
all week as I have been working
hard to get the children
(and myself) ready for school!

Happy week dear friends!