Mrs Tiff creatively

Sunday, January 8, 2012

~ Grand Designs in Ubud ~

While we were in Bali we stayed at
Chapung De Bali Villas in Ubud.
(Ubud is the area in Bali they filmed
the movie Eat Prey Love.)
We loved the tropical design,
outdoor living areas and outdoor baths!
We had the pleasure of
staying in a couple of different
Villas and whilst they
were different in design,
there were many similarities too.

You entered this villa through
a big wooden door,
this is the view of the entry
courtyard through the kitchen window.

The large, colourful fish were a
source of great delight!
(Ethan was given a farmers
hat and he wouldn't take it off!
Luckily we got it though
customs otherwise I think
he would have been devistated!)

The living areas are completely
open, but very protected from the elements.

This Residence Villa has a beautiful open kitchen.

You can imagine cooking a fantastic
meal here whilst chatting to your guests!

The dining area was enclosed by wooden
glass doors that could be fully opened.

The bedrooms had lovely big kingsize
beds enclosed with floaty white mosquito nets.

This is the view from the master bed...
  we really loved the glass walls.

The blinds were closed each evening
so you weren't woken by light
too early in the morning.

The bathrooms opened to a private
courtyard with a shower and a bath.

Isn't this bath gorgeous with the
flowers trailing down beautifully?!

By day we really enjoyed lunch by the pool...

By evening we gazed at the pretty
view lit by these lovely wicker lights.

The private pools meant that we
didn't have to worry about the
children disturbing anyone else.

Now we are home our
adventure is fading to
a very happy memory...
the reality of housework,
shopping and getting
ready for school has set in!

I am planning another little escape
very soon when I show you
the amazing handmade crafts
I discovered in Bali!