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Monday, March 26, 2012

~ Thrifty Wooden Drawer Makeover ~

A few weeks ago when I found an old
picture frame at a charity store I also
discovered a set of old drawers...

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~ 

I paid a mere $15 for the drawers
and gave them a Porters Paint
makeover......and they now make a
convenient side table in the lounge.....

I am slowly finishing off the decorating
in the house, despite being here for
nearly twelve months, I just can't seem
to maintain momentum...
especially when I get so busy with
working full time and organising the kids.
The end of term is in sight though,
just four more sleeps until
the school holidays! I am beyond exhausted
so I am really looking forward to them!

Happy week!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

~ Vintage Style Soy Candles ~

I had been wanting to make
my own candles for such a long time....

I finally ordered some supplies online from
Aussie Candle Supplies....

I ordered some vanilla and some
coconut & lime oils, as well as
some wicks and soy wax flakes.

I gathered some vintage glass containers
& I stuck the wicks down
with some hot glue before I started.

I put newspaper down and got some old
saucepans to make my own double boiler.
The soy wax melted easily
and I added the essential oil essences
while it was hot. I didn't worry too
much about the temperatures,
I just added it and took the wax
off the heat as soon as it melted.

I used chopsticks to hold
the wicks steady as the wax set.

I let them set for 48 hours and I
trimmed the wicks.

These candles smell amazing and
they burn really well.

I can't wait to make more candles in the new
stash of vintage containers that I have found!

Happy week dear friends!


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Monday, March 5, 2012

~ Grey Destination Chalkboard ~

I am sooo excited with how
this project turned out!

I found this old picture at a
charity shop on Saturday.....

I bundled it with a few other items (American
Pickers style, don't you love their finds?!)
and got a good deal.... I paid $15
which I thought was great value....
considering how big it is (approx 1.5m x 80cm).

I got it home and set to work....
I popped the board from the frame,
gave it all a light sand and started painting.
I undercoated the frame and painted it in
Porters Oyster white before sanding the edges back.
I painted the board with three coats of my
custom mixed grey chalkboard paint.

I was so excited when it dried
and I could finally bring it inside!

I used white chalk to write some of 
the places where Mr Tiff & I have
lived or travelled to in the last
nineteen years! In some cases I just
had to write countries rather than name all
the cities, but it still looks great.
I have been wanting a vintage
destination roll for so long and I am so
delighted with this cheats version!!!!

I LOVE the grey,
it is perfect in my living room!

My son made this little bird
in art class and I adore it,
it looks so sweet in front of the grey....

So do my gorgeous pale blue glass bottles.....
(sorry if you are getting sick of them
I keep taking pictures of them
because I love their colour!!!)

The really great thing is that I can
wipe off my words anytime and write
something else up instead!
(Very easy to correct my spelling too,
can you see which place I spelt incorrectly?)

You will be happy to know that
Kathmandu is now corrected although I
haven't taken more pictures!

I have happy thoughts each time I
look over at my Destination Chalkboard
because of all the wonderful times
Mr Tiff and I have had all around the
globe, it is also neat for the kids as they look
for the places they have been up there too!

Hope your week it happy!


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