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Monday, March 12, 2012

~ Vintage Style Soy Candles ~

I had been wanting to make
my own candles for such a long time....

I finally ordered some supplies online from
Aussie Candle Supplies....

I ordered some vanilla and some
coconut & lime oils, as well as
some wicks and soy wax flakes.

I gathered some vintage glass containers
& I stuck the wicks down
with some hot glue before I started.

I put newspaper down and got some old
saucepans to make my own double boiler.
The soy wax melted easily
and I added the essential oil essences
while it was hot. I didn't worry too
much about the temperatures,
I just added it and took the wax
off the heat as soon as it melted.

I used chopsticks to hold
the wicks steady as the wax set.

I let them set for 48 hours and I
trimmed the wicks.

These candles smell amazing and
they burn really well.

I can't wait to make more candles in the new
stash of vintage containers that I have found!

Happy week dear friends!


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