Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~ Scandinavian Inspired Lavender Bird ~

I am so pleased that I was able
to get up to a bit of stitching
on the recent long weekend.

~ * ~

I was inspired by one of my new books....

Once the pattern was traced.....

I found the perfect vintage tablecloth
to use for the bird fabric....

I cut some rectangles out of the fabric,
then made my own legs and hanging loop,
rather than use ribbon like in the pattern.

I stitched on a small button for 
an eye & knotted the legs to
make little feet....

I sewed it up, feet & loop in place
with right sides together....

I turned it out through the tail
then stuffed it with poly fill and lavender.

Once I sewed up the tail
it was ready to hang!


It is reporting time for me at school
so crafty moments are a bit sparse lately!!!
Hope you are finding the time to
do something creative and fun! 

Happy week dear friends!



Also today I am joining:

at freckled laundry.