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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

- Beautiful Blooms in Bali -

I have been so busy, being back at school, I needed a little escape..... so I thought I would cast my mind back to earlier this year.... here are some of the beautiful flowers we discovered in Bali....

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I loved the way that flowers are used here to decorate stairs and entries. I felt so inspired to use flowers much more creatively when I got home! I am testing out a new app (BlogPress) and attempting to blog from my iPad, hopefully the post will load ok! Happy Week! XXXXXX - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Location:Jalan Raya Sanggingan,Ubud,Indonesia

Saturday, January 28, 2012

~ Silhouette Brooches and Tags ~

I have a super quick crafty idea
to share with you today!

I found some beautiful silhouette
stamps so I stamped a few
shipping tags using a brown ink.....

I  then touched up the edges with some
Tim Holtz Vintage Paper ink....
to give them a more aged appearance.

Then I tried some using some
vintage book pages as the background,
which I really liked too.

My next thought was how nice they
would look as brooches...

so I stamped onto some fabric
using a Staz On ink....

I put a running
stitch around the edge and
pulled it, before easing the fabric
over my brooch blank....

I also pulled out some other favourite
stamps and tried a few other ideas.....

I think this one suits me best.....
I am a material girl....only with me that isn't
material possessions....just material fabric......
I just can't resist it!!!!!


Happy crafting!!!!



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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~ Angel Wings Cushion ~

Today I am sharing another one
of my handmade Christmas gifts....

My mother-in-law loves angels
and has a huge picture of an angel
above her bed so I thought a set angel wings
on a cushion would look lovely in her room.......

I drafted an angel wing shape
on some butchers paper and adjusted it
until I was satisfied with the shape...
I just did one wing and put the pattern on a
folded piece of fabric (right sides together).
Before I cut the wings out I
 ironed on some visafix.
I then ironed the wings to my cusion fabric
 and stitched around the outline.

From my stash I pulled out a vintage
doily and a crocheted flower
(I am lucky to have an excellent
 supply from my mum!)

I sewed on the doily and flower
with the machine, so the cushion
is easily washable, and made
up a very simple pillow slip
style cushion cover.

I am so delighted with the result
that I think I might have to make
one for myself now because,
as you can see, it actually looks
quite good on my bed!!!

We are celebrating Australia Day
here in Australia, so despite all the
rain we are still hoping to have a BBQ!

Keep dry and safe fellow Gold Coasters
and have a great day!!!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

~ Vintage Map Inspired Jewellery ~

I don't know about you....
but for me there is something goregeous
about vintage maps and old bottles.......

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These vintage map bracelets and pendants
are so easy to put together,
cut and glue, that simple!
If you cant find vintage maps you
can use wrapping paper or print ones from google
(just be sure your ink is fixed before
you glue or the image may run).
I sourced these bracelets on etsy HERE.

I made this jewellery last year as
Christmas gifts for family and friends,
and if you are not inclined to make your own
and are interested in them,
please check my etsy store because
I will list the extra ones I made very soon!

Happy weekend!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~ Doggie Delights! ~

I know that you all understand
when I say that our dogs are highly
 valued members of our family!

So you will totally get that they
needed very special Christmas treats...

So I baked a batch of chicken
flavoured doggie cookies,
(I got the recipe from a doggie treats app
in itunes and downloaded it to my ipad...
it is basically a shortcrust biscuit
 with chicken stock powder)
topped with a drizzel of strawberry yoghurt,
which is just those dog treats melted.

Luckily I had a reliable taste tester on hand....

Chelsea eagerly took one to try
to check if they would be OK
for her cousins.....

then she lay on the mat with it a bit....
before she eventually ate it!

With the paws up from her
I printed some pictures from
Google images and stuck them
on some cello bags.....

I packed the cookies in the bags and
tied them with bakers twine
ready to put under the Christmas tree!

For a little extra treat I decided to
make some lavender doggie bed fresheners...

I drafted a dog shaped pattern...

and cut it out, along with 
four ears per dog too.
I sewed the right sides of the ears together
leaving a gap in the top
and turned the ears right side out.

I pinned the ears in place on the
right side of the fabric and sewed
around the outline leaving
a gap in their tummy.

I turned the dog out the
correct way and filled it with
lavender and stuffing.

I hand sewed the opening closed
and tied a pretty ribbon around their necks.

I also made some bone shaped
lavender bed fresheners too!

So even the dogs had handmade gifts
this Christmas in our family!

Hope you all have a great week,
I am back at school and working
very hard to get ready for my new class!