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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cute Beanie forest Friends

Aren't these sweet?!
I found the fabric at Spotlight and knew I had to make some beanie friends for my Prep class.....

They were so easy! I roughly cut around each shape, put them face down on some spotty material (right sides together) then sewed around them. I used the printed fabric showing through the wrong side to guide me and I left an opening to turn them. Once I trimmed and fringed the seams I turned them the right way out. I choose to fill them with wheat, using a paper funnel. Once filled I put white thread in the top and red thread in the bobbin and sewed them closed. Voila!!!! DONE!!!!

I am going to use them for gross motor and circle games in my Prep class:
- Pass the parcel : when the music stops I will pick a character to do an action (owls jump three times, mushrooms count to ten etc.)
- Balancing : play music and when it stops give a challenge (balance it on your head, leg, arm while we count to five)
- Use them in partners throwing back and forth
- Use them out as a transition (give them out & choose groups, pandas, clouds etc to throw them in the bucket them go to morning tea etc)
- Use them in a small group/circle time and throw them in a hoop & count how many in / out of hoop (practise counting & language of position/ chance -Maths concepts)
- Use them in group/ circle time for counting, making amounts/ adding and subtracting small amounts or even basic graphing
- They will be great for circle games like Lucy Locket etc.
- I could even hide them and have the children look for them around the room
- They can be put in the fridge or warmed up as a sensori activity

What do you think? Let me know if you have more ideas!


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