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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sweet Garden Cushions

Look at these lovely garden cushions I made for my Prep class.....

One of my friends showed me a Pin she had just made from: & I was smitten!!!!

I raced out to Spotlight to grab some fabric! In the original post vinyl tablecloths and ribbons from a bargain shop were used but I bought waterproof fabric & some bias. I used a dinner plate as a template and got busy! I wanted to keep costs down so I cut up an old blanket to use as wadding and two layers seem to work well. I also bought some fabric that might be more inviting for boys but haven't made that up yet.

I am looking forward to taking them in to school for my Preps to use!

Happy weekend friends!!!!


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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sugar sugar, honey honey......

Well Easter is over, but even before that I was thinking my family were all consuming too much sugar - we do love to bake....
plus there is all the hidden stuff in foods that sneak in the pantry.

So I bought this cookbook for some more healthy baking options.....

Then I stocked up ingredients......

And, thank goodness it is the holidays, got busy in the kitchen.

This easy homegrown basil & cashew pesto is yummy on toast for breakfast and was excellent added to meatballs served with steamed quinoa.

I made a berry and coconut smoothie for afternoon tea - just a cup of frozen berries, half cup of coconut cream and half cup of coconut water.

Also delish with roast vegetable and feta frittatas! I even made my own onion relish without sugar!

I have even made an extra effort to fit in more walks!

I have to say after a few initial headaches I feel pretty good, and now I only miss my sugar hit in my coffee, a craving which hasn't lessened and one which I am not sure I can overcome!

Could you give up sugar? We will see how we go.....
We are attempting a few dietary changes here and some positive changes are better than none I think!


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