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Friday, September 27, 2013

Flower Crochet Cushion

I have been trying to brighten up the TV lounge and decided to go a bit crazy with some bright colours.... the room can tend to be a bit dark because it has a large chocolate leather lounge in there. So I delved into my fabric stash and whipped up some bright new cushions, I had pom pom trim and braids all over the place!!! I was quite happy with my efforts but then I thought how lonely my blooming flower cushion was looking and I immediately decided to hook a friend for it!

I found a great granny flower tutorial HERE and adapted the pattern to make a cushion...

I followed the pattern for the flower then attached the blue to the back making a 5 chain, slip stitch and repeating 8 times. I used a treble crochet stitch to make 5 trebles in each 5 chain space. For the third row of blue I started with an increase every third stitch, then next row every fourth and so on until I increased every ten stitches.

Then for the edging I changed colour to red and half treble crochet all around in every stitch. I changed colour again to hot pink and scallop edges were made by skipping a stitch, 5 half treble in one stitch, skipping a stitch, slip stitch and repeat.....

If you are giving it a go, take care, because I had to frog my third row of blue (above photo) because I forgot to flip my flower after the first round of trebles. When I looked at the photo I realised it was back to front! So remember, after doing the first row of trebles, flip work around the correct way!

I cut two fabric circles to size and made a cushion pad with calico on one side and floral fabric on the other side. Then I hand stitched the cover to the cushion pad.

It looks just as good from the back as it does from the front!

I am quite happy with this little project and think it would be nice in some other colours.

I am now officially on Long Service Leave from my teaching job, which is why I suddenly have time to blog again! I am looking forward to doing all the things I love.... more sewing, hooking and baking! I have started walking each morning and l have been learning some yummy new raw food recipes to help my family eat a bit more healthy food (especially for snacks)..... Anyway, it will be nice to just relax and take things as they come. I also have a holiday planned which I am looking forward to as well.

Happy week friends!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Swell Day

Today as an awesome Gold Coast Spring day.... so it was the perfect time to head down to Currumbin beach for the last day of the Swell Sculpture Festival.

Sculpture and the beach.... a perfect match!

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