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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Qld Floods - again....

There should be meters of grass where that water is!!!!!

Luckily the fence kept the a lot of rubbish out.

Wearing my special safety shoes for the clean up! May have chipped my pedicure!

The river still rages!

The wooden planks that were shelving floated away!

There is just sticky mud where the gravel should be!

Got a lot of mud out of main building on Sunday, but not quite all of it!

The leaves were covered in silt so you pick up plants and it goes all over you!

Still a bit to do but the sun is shining now!
Keep safe friends!


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Location:Rivermill Nursery

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dream Home

I have just finished a little make over project.....

I found this great wooden doll house at a local charity store ($35 with wooden furniture) and thought it would be perfect for my prep classroom. Once I got it home I wondered if I should give it a little paint..... then I couldn't resist wallpapering the walls....

I decided to clear the back and sides of walls, so several children could play at the one time. I painted the front and trim with Porter's oyster white then the windows in a dulux aqua/green (tester pot called frosted puddle) and then chose a pink for the window edges.

I finished this little gnome last night (from a book end pattern bought on etsy) and as I hadn't taken his photo yet, I popped him in the picture too!

I am so pleased with how it turned out! The prep children should love it!

I think I need to make a family for Mr Gnome now though, he seems so lonely!
Back to work tomorrow, so it will have to be an evenings project!

Happy week!


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet Little Softies

I have been busy getting organised to go back to school. I have moved to Prep (from Year 3) so I have a new classroom to decorate. Being a lover of all things whimsical and cute, that is how I want my classroom to be. I want it to be a place filled with fun, wonder, discovery and surprises! So I have been sewing up some sweet little Prep buddies.....

I have planned to make some more little friends too, hopefully I will get time to get them done! I do have another project on-the-go and it has a very high cuteness factor as well, I can't wait until it is ready to share, just a few finishing touches! Anyway, off to High Tea with the girls now!

Happy weekend!


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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cute Beanie forest Friends

Aren't these sweet?!
I found the fabric at Spotlight and knew I had to make some beanie friends for my Prep class.....

They were so easy! I roughly cut around each shape, put them face down on some spotty material (right sides together) then sewed around them. I used the printed fabric showing through the wrong side to guide me and I left an opening to turn them. Once I trimmed and fringed the seams I turned them the right way out. I choose to fill them with wheat, using a paper funnel. Once filled I put white thread in the top and red thread in the bobbin and sewed them closed. Voila!!!! DONE!!!!

I am going to use them for gross motor and circle games in my Prep class:
- Pass the parcel : when the music stops I will pick a character to do an action (owls jump three times, mushrooms count to ten etc.)
- Balancing : play music and when it stops give a challenge (balance it on your head, leg, arm while we count to five)
- Use them in partners throwing back and forth
- Use them out as a transition (give them out & choose groups, pandas, clouds etc to throw them in the bucket them go to morning tea etc)
- Use them in a small group/circle time and throw them in a hoop & count how many in / out of hoop (practise counting & language of position/ chance -Maths concepts)
- Use them in group/ circle time for counting, making amounts/ adding and subtracting small amounts or even basic graphing
- They will be great for circle games like Lucy Locket etc.
- I could even hide them and have the children look for them around the room
- They can be put in the fridge or warmed up as a sensori activity

What do you think? Let me know if you have more ideas!


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am not one for resolutions but I am going to attempt to get my blogging mojo back this year! We will see! Since finding Instagram & crochet I have been a bit distracted!

You can also see what I have been getting up to here :

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Catch you soon!


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